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02 August 2020 @ 03:38 am

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credits my Yamee <3 keiri25 for this !

REMINDER! If you want to read my F-Locked ficsCollapse )
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07 April 2020 @ 12:01 pm
Hello minna-san!

I just wanted to inform everyone that starting from now, all my fanfictions are going to be F-LOCKED due to some reasons :3

If you don't want to read my stories well it's okay, I don't mind but if you do, thanks ^_^ I always say that I wrote fictions/stories for my satisfaction ne?^^ I don't earn money from making this so it's okay if you do not like it or you do like it.

So, even my oneshots, drabbles, songfics or thon are also f-locked from now on, not just my chaptered fics. But if those who are still not my friend here on LJ and are reading my story, you can still read it but after several days, I'm going to f-locked it again ^^.

I hope you understand.
Thank you !

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05 November 2016 @ 08:57 pm
So! Hi! Hahahaha. It's been a while ne? I posted something on my wattpad account. Please read it too if you have spare time! :)

Although it's not related about JUMP or YamaChine. I've been into other world recently. HAHAHAHA. Anyone here watching Yuri!!! on Ice too?

Check the fic here Just a piece of paper (Huang JingXiang x Gao TaiYu fanfic)

Try reading this fic! And if you want, search them. I'm sure you'll love them, especially if you're into BL.

Bye Bye!
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25 June 2016 @ 02:34 am
Title: Behind the love shot
Written by: Ciel / Cierruuuu
Pairing: YamaChine / YamaChii ( Yamada Ryosuke ❤ Chinen Yuri )
Type: short fic (drabble)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Purely fictional story. Even the name I used for the Popolo staffs, don't take it seriously lol I don't know the name of the real staffs. xD
Warning: Boys love. Don't like? Don't read. But if you love YamaChine, then you should read this. xD haha
Summary: The reason behind the so called 'love shot' request from the Popolo staffs.

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30 November 2015 @ 05:42 pm
So yesterday, we celebrated Chii's Birthday in advance together with other fans :) The original plan was just a simple celebration~ no games and etc. just like last year, chitchat. But since many got interested since we announce that they can go with us. We Yuri Chinen Philippine Fans Club decided to rent a venue so that all of us were able to accommodate. XD We're really happy and surprised at the same time. :) Though our time is limited, we really enjoyed it! :)

So we had four games and each has a prizes. We played Acchi Muite Hoi, Pinoy Henyo, Trip to Jerusalem and Jenga for the last. :) I am together with my co-admins of YCPH: yamachii_ai, matsunichii, thellie, & nodoka06. Although ai_no_messeji also went there for a few minutes we were all happy cuz this only happens every Chii's birthday and we were all excited to see each other cuz most of the admins are from province XD

I am so happy and thankful to everyone. We may not be like other events but still it's fun filled, especially after the party us admins had some sessions HAHAHAHAHHA. We ate the cake and chitchat but all of it are just LOL. Full of laughter and that's what I love about them. <3

Thank you Chii for everything, if it's not because of you, there wouldn't be any YCPH. :) GO GO GO YAMACHINE5EVER HAHAHAHAHA

- ciel


our message XD

with Niah-neechan <3 admins groupie XD

Birthday Caaaake <3 This one is from Ninachii and it's sooo yummy !
30 November 2015 @ 04:56 pm
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OTHER HALF, JOKE XD OTHER BELOVED ICHIBAN ( cuz Yamada is the other one xD ). You don't know how much you changed my life ever since I've known you and JUMP. I had never been in this kind of fandom aside from Westlife and Harry Potter lol. But then again, you guys changed it. I thought I would never had a chance to have this kind of love for a fandom. :)

This cute person is very special to my heart. Other's may not noticed it and most of other fans thought that I am only a Yamada ichibanner but no. ( actually, I have lots of pics of Chii than Yamada lol even vids ) And what made me become a stronger ichibanner of Chii is because of my co-ichibanner whom I became friends with. :) I have always said that I am so blessed to have them. And if its not because of Chii, we would never be this much closer than other fg's. :)
I have looots of fangirl friends here in the fandom, some come and go. Others have their own circle of friends now. And seeing them, seeing what happened to me now... Chinen Yuri I am so thankful to have them especially to my co-YamaChii shippers around the world and my co-Yamada ichibanners who have the same otp as mine <3. I looooove them all! And it is true, now I realized and believed that what your co other fans did or your co ichibanner might affect your feelings towards the fandom or ichiban that's why lots of other fans leave fandom whenever they had misunderstanding or whatsoever. But not all fans. :) And not because of the ichiban. XD And definitely not me ( leaving the fandom lol ). And that is one of the reasons why I stayed Chinen ichibanner. :)
I know that I don't need to care about others but still you're circle of friends in fandom are one of the reasons why you stayed in fandom for a long time. :)

I am the type of fangirl who shipped my ichibans to other. Hahahahaha ! I don't pair myself to my ichibans xD idk xD but then again this post is for Chii, what am I even saying lol.

I just really love everything about Chii. Be it negative or positive... being narcissistic, talented, intelligent, sharped-tounged, everything! I admired how he faces everything. I admired how he calculates himself ( like in the competitions as what've read in some mag trans, he said that if he didn't know the contest or he knew that he can't win, then he will not join anynore xD but we all know how perfect Chii is XD No matter what, he always wins *most of the time haha* ). He is definitely amazing. I just love everything about him! And I'm a proud Chinen Yuri ichibanner. That'll never change. <3 :)
I LOVE YURI CHINEN AND I LOVE MY YCPHFC FAMILY <3 to yamachii_ai, thellie, ai_no_messeji, ichigohimesama, aikochii_26, matsunichii, chacha_10, nodoka06 <3
Thank you guys for everything :)
More years to come until the time JUMP visit our country and I want Chii to be proud of us :) We all know how much Chii loved his fans <3 and prioritized them in concerts hahaha !


edited this pic long time ago LOL wasn't able to edit some pics now XD
24 November 2015 @ 06:45 pm
Title: Jumping to your heart
Written by: ciel
Rating: G
Genre: failed! fluff XD romance
Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters. This is purely fictional.
Warning: Boys love. Don't like? Don't read :3
Summary: What happen when Yamada's playfulness and Chinen's cuteness met in their recent con?
A/N: Yo! As promised I've written something for Chii's bday although this is just a drabble fic. XD This for Raras-chan (kiwokchwan) because she likes canon type of fic. XD douzo~

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10 June 2015 @ 05:58 pm
It's been a while but then, just wanna say that I will be posting some YamaChii fic this week or maybe by next week :)

That's all!

i saw some YamaChine fics are updated yeeey~~~~
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YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeey~ this is asuuuuperb late post here on Yamada's bday HAHAAHAH. Gomen ne, been a this past few days fuuuuuuuuu~

Anyway I celebrated his birthday again this year with Ryosuke Yamada Philippines Fans Club here in my country. :))) Another memorable, LOL flailing moments with my co-tobikkos, especially Yamada ichibanners.

(the YamaChii aremy uchiwas then Yuto is from the other fagirl hahah)

I enjoyed i a lot ne, especially the games MWAHAHHAHA. And yeah, I was able to go home with a prize, well that's because the game Pinoy Henyo version of JUMP, and of course whom I going to guess when it comes to Yamada? Chineeeen~ and I got it ritght LOL

SHIpper desu~! hahahaha

Until next yr again!

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07 April 2015 @ 12:57 pm
Hiiiiiiiii~!! How's everyone? I do hope all my fangirl friends here in LJ are doing fine as well ne?

Also, I want to conratulate our Hey! Say! JUMP for being a host of 24hr TV Special! Great job guys! I am so happy for them, it's just first half of the year but then, they already achieve too many, singles, shows, doramas, movies, album... please not thus year too, you still have a concerts hahahahaha.

And.. I also wanted to if any of u guys are still reading ny fics? The 'Our Love story' and 'You're still mine', my chaptered fics tho. Cuz if not, I'll be going to abandon those fics, I am sorry, but maybe the You're still mine, I can no longer continue that. My apologies to ichigohimesama, she's the one requested for it, early lasg yr? hahaha, well, we've seen each other always so I'm just going to tell her what happened in personal when we had meeting for our JUMP fan gathering organization :)

I will still write whenever I had free time :) but only oneshots, drabbles and songfics, I have here several unfinished oneshots and songfics that I've written since last yr but until now... its not finished HAHAHAHAHA too lazy sorry.

Well that's it!

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